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Information about Oakton and Surrounding Areas
Oakton, Virginia, is located approximately fifteen miles from Washington, DC. This makes the city an excellent location for visitors to the...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
What To Do in Oakton
Visitors to Oakton and the surrounding area will find plenty of exciting events and places of interest with which to occupy their time. For...
Lodging in Oakton
If you choose to visit, you will find several Oakton lodging options, from the luxurious to the budget accommodations. Another popular option is...
Dining in Oakton
Whatever your taste buds crave, you will find a restaurant to enjoy in Oakton and the surrounding area. Most of the Fairfax County restaurants...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Oakton and Fairfax County Real Estate
Fairfax County real estate options are wide and varied. Depending on your needs and wishes, there is certainly a home for you. With all the...
Shopping malls and shopping centers are plentiful in Oakton and the surrounding towns in Fairfax County, Virginia. In fact, some of the larges...
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Live and Play in Oakton

Nestled in the northeast corner of Virginia, in Fairfax County, is the city of Oakton. With its close proximity to Washington, DC, Oakton is ideal for visitors that wish to explore the historic areas that surround our nations capital. The area has many attractions and places of interest that will captivate the attention of people at any age.

Those looking for a bit of retail therapy will find ample shopping opportunities in the forms of the Twin Oakes Shopping Center, the Oakton Shopping Center, and the Mill Plaza Shopping Center. Other shops, boutiques, and specialty stores line the streets of Oakton, offering up-to-date styles, unique items, and necessary purchases.

Most of the area is suburban, but visitors will easily find idyllic parks and nature spots. A few creeks and rivers run through the town, surrounded by parks such as the Nottoway Park, Oakborough Square Park, Villa DEste Park, and Tattersall Park.

Oakton restaurants and hotels are plentiful, and choices are offered for every walk of life, from budget options to fine dining and luxurious accommodations. There is a healthy nightlife, with several cocktail lounges and sports bars ready to offer entertainment. In short, the sights of the capital and the comfort of the suburb make Oakton, Virginia an excellent place to vacation.

Perhaps you're considering a more permanent situation. If so, then the quiet suburban setting of Oakton, VA could be exactly what you seek. Besides a plethora of employment opportunities located right in the city itself, jobs are available in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA, both of which are a fairly short drive away.

The housing options are varied and plentiful. Whatever style you seek, whether you desire a quiet neighborhood or an active condominium community, you will be able to find a home here. The rolling hills make the area perfect for equestrian pursuits, as well as golf courses. Several of the neighborhoods in the town are private communities with particular focus on horses and golfing.

The school system is also very well regarded, and is considered one of the finest in the state. Children will find excellent education opportunities, as well as exciting extracurricular activities, such as dance, athletics, or artistic pursuits. There isnt much that a child could want that wont be found in Oakton.

Make plans to explore this beautiful community as soon as possible, and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy your stay, however long it might be.

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The Nightlife in Oakton

When your day is full of history and exciting attractions, youre ready to unwind at night with some live music and a drink or two at a cozy bar, right? Well, Oakton and the surrounding towns have plenty to offer. In fact, one of the top nightclubs for live music is right here in Fairfax County!Jammin Java has less than 250 seats, but its always packed with people that come from miles...

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Park Life in Fairfax County

Oakton, Virginia, is settled in Fairfax County, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the nation. The rolling hills and plentiful trees make it perfect for golfing, equestrian pursuits, and...

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History is Fun in Fairfax County

Many consider Fairfax County and the surrounding area to be the cradle of America. Its true that much of our Revolutionary and Civil War history took place right here in the rolling hills of...

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10922 Vale Rd, Oakton, VA 22124
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2915 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124
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